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Aug. 15th, 2006

Little Gamers

Closing Time...

Well, folks, I leave here in a few days' time so I guess it's time to bid farewell to this blog. It's been a nice year and I intend to keep it online (for now) but I won't be updating this LJ any more.

I'll be using my other LJ account, kellymeetsworld, to keep on commenting on people's LJ and communities but I won't be using any LJ account as my main blog any more. While I like the idea of communities and all, Wordpress has been a very good service for my Aspiring Polyglot blog so I will be using them from now on.

To sum up, I will continue blogging about my adventures and misadventures at Kelly Meets World. Let's see how things fare in the Lowlands!

Thanks to everyone who has been following my LJ for all these months. I've met some fantastic people and will still keep in touch by dropping my your LJs and leaving comments. And feel free to stop by my new blog and leave your comments! :)

Take care and hugs all round,


Aug. 14th, 2006

Meg Flower

Survey Thingy

I nabbed this one from mlle_germaine...

1. In two words, explain what ended your last relationship? Mutual loss of interest...but we're still very good friends so all's good.

2. When was the last time you shaved? Yesterday.

3. What were you doing this morning at 8 a.m.? Sleeping. :p

4. What were you doing 15 minutes ago? Finishing off my cup of tea and updating one of my blogs.

5. Are you any good at math? No. I hated the subject and get a headache every time I see an equation. :p

6. Your prom night? We don't really do proms in Gibraltar so...

7. Do you have any famous ancestors? Not to my knowledge.

8. Have you ever taken out a loan to pay for school? Nope.

9. Do you know the words to the song on your Myspace profile? I don't have a MySpace profile.

10. Last thing received in the mail? A bill from the electric company. Thank God I don't have to pay for that. ^_^

11. How many different beverages have you drunk today? Only one cup of tea so far. I should be drinking more as it's pretty hot today.

12. Do you ever leave messages on people's answering machines? Nope. Most of my friends don't have an answering machine and I can't be bothered to leave any on my mum's one as I'd rather just try calling again and talk to her.

13. Who did you lose your CONCERT virginity to? Shaggy, I think. Before he he was famous and while the Gibraltar music scene could afford him. :p

14. Do you draw your name in the sand when you go to the beach? Sometimes. I usually try to draw random rubbish instead. Playing noughts and crosses on the beach can be long as a wave doesn't creep up on you!

15. What's the most painful dental procedure you've had? Having the dentist prod two ulcers that developed underneath a tooth (I can't even remember if I was given an anaesthetic that time).

16. What is out your back door? *tries not to laugh*

17. Any plans for Friday night? Probably doing any last-minute packing and spending time with Sander as I leave for Europe on Saturday.

18. Do you like what the ocean does to your hair? It messes it up beyond recognition, giving me a Swamp Thing look and dumping a kilo of sand on my scalp.

19. Have you ever received one of those big tins of 3 different kinds of popcorn for Christmas? Erm, no? I didn't even know this was an option! I prefer chocolate-covered brazil nuts and candy canes, anyway. :)

20. Have you ever been to a planetarium? Yep. Many years ago.

21. Do you re-use towels after you shower? It depends. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

22. Some things you are excited about? Going home, books about languages (how sad), going on holiday (except for the flying part)...

23. What is your favourite flavour of Jello? My favourite flavour of *JELLY* (damn Americanisms) is strawberry.

24. Are any of your great-grandparents still alive? Don't think so. I haven't even met the grandparents on my father's side so...

25. Describe your key chain: I have a cute teddy bear keyring. ^_^

26. Where do you keep your change? In my wallet, on my desk, in my pockets...I always seem to have small change everywhere (and always forget to spend it).

27. When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group of people? I spent 2 hours of my life teaching brats Taiwanese kids back in October. It put me off pursuing English teaching as a career option here. :p

28. What kind of winter coat do you have? I have a beige one with hood stored away in the Netherlands.

29. What was the weather like on your graduation? Boiling. It was about 35C that day and I have to walk around with thick black graduation robes. Needless to say, I got out of those as soon as I could!

30. Do you sleep with the door to your room open or closed? In Taiwan and Gibraltar, open. We close our door in the Netherlands as Sander's parents' dogs have the annoying habit of jumping on the bed (I hate dogs on beds....urgh).

Aug. 12th, 2006


Seven Days in Taiwan...

Well, this time next week I should (hopefully) be in London, most likely recovering from an 18-hour ordeal journey. I must say I'm not really looking forward to the trip itself as I'm still feeling uneasy about the 'plane plot' and I've never been fond of flying anyway. It also sucks that I have to go without Sander to give me some moral support but what can you do? His contract doesn't end until early September and the visa officials wouldn't know a valid visa if it whacked them across the head. But I digress... ^_^

A guy from the moving company came by yesterday morning to get a rough idea of how much junk we need to ship back. What he thought of my piles of books, I don't know. There's only like a hundred or so of them to cram into the boxes! I think I've gone a bit overboard with my book buying. We should be getting the actual boxes early next week so that I can try and pack all of my stuff before I leave. Sander will have to finish it all off, though, as they won't get taken by the company until the end of August anyway.

It's been a fairly uneventful weekend so far. We watched Lilo & Stitch last night as we both love that film and haven't seen it for ages. Stitch is easily one of the best Disney characters ever created and the film itself is just superb. It's just a shame that traditional animation has died a gruesome death, probably brought on by the rise of all the soulless and unfunny crap that Dreamworks has been bringing out in recent years. Sure, it entertains the kiddies but the movies will be forgotten by the time the next year's offering is released. I doubt that Dreamworks or any of the other animation companies will ever eclipse the beauty of Disney classics, especially those made in the early half of the 20th Century. The artwork of Snow White and Pinocchio is beautiful even today.

While the quality of the Disney movies has been in decline for many years, I can't help but feel that Disney has made the wrong decision to abandon traditional animation in favour of CGI animation. I'm sorry but while CGI can make things look 'realistic', it dates far quicker than hand-drawn animation and the characters look less appealing and spirited than their predecessors. Compare the stunning scenery and lifelike expressions of the lions in The Lion King with Dreamworks' Madagascar. Not quite the same, is it? And I can guarantee that the latter is more than a little forgettable. What I hate most about these new 'classics' is the fact that they think cheap laughs and funny-looking characters are more important than a solid story. Unfortunately, the kids seem to lap these up but I'm sure they won't think of those movies in the same way as I view the Disney classics as part of my childhood. I will gladly watch a Disney movie (pre-Brother Bear) with the same enthusiasm now as I had when I first saw them. There's something about them that transcends both time and age. All movies like Shrek have are daft cultural references (most of which will be meaningless in a few years) and fart jokes....

Better bring an end to this pointless rant! Tomorrow Sander and I will be meeting up with a colleague of his (plus wife) as they'll be taking us to some place near Taipei. I have no idea where we're going exactly but at least we'll be going by car. I don't think I can brave Taiwanese public transport twice in as many weeks. ^_^

Aug. 10th, 2006

Meg Sad


Anyone who knows me or has been reading this journal long enough will know that I have a fear of flying. If I was already dreading my 18-hour flight next week on my own, I now have even more of a reason to feel uneasy!

It seems while MI5 foiled a reportedly huge terror plot in the UK (which involved blowing up several planes using liquid explosives), the airlines and airports have been put on full alert and have banned hand-luggage from being taken on any planes leaving from the UK. My flight to London seems to be unaffected so far but my flight back to Gibraltar will no doubt be affected by these new security measures.

Being the nervous flyer that I am, I do like to take a book on-board with me as it distracts me from the fact I'm on a plane. I also tend to take some extra snacks or a bottle of water with me as the inflight meal is more often than not inedible and the air-co is always on too high, which dehydrates me faster than you can say 'antidisestablishme...', that long word. If these measures are still in place next week, it means I'm deprived of both book and bottle. I'm only grateful that that flight is only about 3 hours long. 18 hours without anything to do (the Gib flights don't have in-flight entertainment) would kill me. I can only imagine how parents are going to be able to keep their kids entertained on long-haul flights as toys and games will presumably not be allowed on the plane. I assume the cabin crew will be more than happy to provide the kids with colouring books and the like but just imagine the faces of the little ones when they're told their comfort blanket or teddy bear can't come onboard with them. Yes, there *are* worse things in life (as seen in Lebanon and Israel) but I do think some thought should go into what's allowed or not allowed on board.

Laptops and pretty much everything else you'd normally take with you on a flight now have to be checked in and put in the cargo hold. I only hope that the baggage staff are gentle with my laptop...I've seen how they fling the other bags into the hold and I feel queasy at thinking my laptop (which has lasted me 3 or 4 years now) will finally have its Judgement Day. I wonder if passengers can claim money back for any valuables and equipment that get destroyed as a result of these new measures. I'd better make backups of everything this week just in case my little baby doesn't survive the trip. o_0

On top of it all, my flight to Gibraltar is a very early flight and I would have had to be there by 5am on a normal day. God knows how much earlier I will need to leave for the airport now. I can see I'm not going to get much sleep until I get to Gibraltar...

Here's hoping this mess will be over by the time I get to the UK (doubtful). *crosses fingers*

Aug. 7th, 2006


Trip to Jilong (Keelung)

It's been over a week since my last post so I promise I'll try to catch up later on. For now, I thought I'd share some of the photos I took at Jilong (or Keelung if you prefer) yesterday. I've gotten myself a Flickr account as I hate having to HTML code my own photo galleries. It'll save me some time plus I can tag the photos and add descriptions with a lot more ease. :)

For those interested in seeing photos of the bizarre natural rock formations in Jilong, click here!

Jul. 30th, 2006


Kyoto Trip (Part 1)

Here's the first part of my long-promised account of my trip to Kyoto. This first part covers our first two days in Kyoto (京都), where we wandered around the city centre, strolled through the Teramachi shopping streets, visited Nijo Castle (二条城) and sauntered through one of the Kyoto's most renowned districts, the Gion District (祇園), a geisha district full of exclusive restaurants and teahouses, luxuries closed off to the average tourist due to their prohibitive prices and the requirement of a recommendation from a native Japanese client.

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Jul. 28th, 2006


Shake, Rattle and Roll...

Just had an earthquake over here! Only a 2.0 but my stomach is still lurching a little as it lasted for about a minute or so. Not to mention we live on the 13th floor (12th by British standards). I can only imagine what it must feel like for those living on the 21st floor!

Not a lot of exciting news as always. Sander's been off sick since yesterday as he's been feeling queasy and generally unwell (it might have been some prawns he ate at the Sushi Express the other night) so I've been busy taking care of him. ;)

I'm also a little restless and can't figure out what I want to do with my free time. I'm beginning to wonder again where I want to go with my Japanese, something I should have considered before splashing out a lot of money in Japan on books for learning it! Maybe I'm just having one of my bad days again... :P

Well, folks, that's about it for now. I wish I had more interesting things to write about but I don't. Hopefully Sander will be feeling better this weekend so that we can go out and do things. I'm beginning to feel a little cooped up at home, even though I went out to get some things from the nearby Nikomart a few hours ago.

Jul. 26th, 2006

Meg Annoyed

After the Deluge...

Things are still pretty wet over here in Taiwan, even after last night's torrential rain. Most of the afternoon has been thundery and rainy and I only hope that it'll be a little drier later when we head out for supper...we're going to our ever-trusty Sushi Express as we feel 'homesick' for Japanese cuisine already. All in all, Taiwanese food is not particularly exciting so I can safely say I won't miss it once we head back to Europe, although dumplings are a nice and easy meal to make...

I've completed my work for the company so now I have to concentrate on sorting out my belongings, figuring out what I want to keep, what I need to take with me to Gibraltar, what I need to ship directly to the Netherlands and want I want to get rid of (mostly clothes that fit badly). I also need to get back into shape before I leave as I really am not looking forward to going to the beach in my present state. I may have stated in an earlier post that I weighed less than 58kg but sadly that was before my operation. According to the bathroom scales in our hotel room in Kyoto, I actually weigh around 63kg. While this may be a fairly normal weight and I'm still far from being obese, I actually weigh almost 10kg more than I did this time last year! I think my weight just after my operation was around 57kg so it seems Taiwan has taken its toll on me in more ways than one. I guess the lack of regular exercise, the endless hours spent in front of the laptop (for work or otherwise) and 'comfort eating' have wrecked havok on my weight and, quite possibly, health and I am NOT happy. Especially not in a place where anyone over 45kg is considered huge...

So my goals for the next 3-4 weeks include :

♥ Doing some daily exercise and cutting down on the crap I eat so that I can at least loss a little weight in time for my homecoming.
♥ Sorting out the stuff I need to ship or take with me.
♥ Closing my bank account here (which only has about NT$9,000 in it anyway as I have most of my money elsewhere).
♥ Sorting things out with the company and seeing if there's a possibility to carry on working freelance for them from abroad (every little helps).
♥ Getting some last-minute sightseeing done, although this depends very much on the weather. I would have liked to have gone to Sun Moon Lake but I can't be bothered any more. I might settle for the northern coast instead.
♥ Taking photos of my apartment and surroundings as a memento (even if I haven't really enjoyed my time here all that much).
♥ Create a new mood theme or two in any free time I have as my current one is fairly limited.
♥ About a million and one other things that I can't remember at this exact moment.

I have a busy few weeks ahead....I guess I'd better get to it. :P

Jul. 25th, 2006


Wet, Wet, Wet...

I feel that my return to Taiwan has been something of a kick to the head in more ways than one. First of all, it's been a culture shock coming back here after a few days in Japan. The over-politeness experienced in Japan is in complete contrast to the general impoliteness and blatant stares one gets here in Hsinchu. And then there's the visual onslaught. The Japanese, on the whole, are a far more stylish nation than my friendly neighbourhood Taiwanese, whose women think that 'granny socks', plastic-looking high heels and baggy shorts are haute couture. And I have to say that hearing Japanese on the TV, radios, streets and metro PA systems is a lot kinder to the ears than the Taiwanese-flavoured Mandarin or Hakka heard here. Perhaps I'm a little biased but Japanese does seem to sound far more pleasant than Mandarin these days. Not to mention the fact that I somehow could follow TV and radio programmes in Japan a lot more easily than I've ever been able to with Mandarin. Maybe it's the tones or general monosyllabic nature of the language but Mandarin is NOT an easy language when it comes to listening comprehension, even after 4 years of formal study.

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Jul. 24th, 2006

Meg Sad

Back From Japan...

Back from Japan so I thought I'd say a quick "I'M BACK!!!!". :P

Had a *fantastic* time in Kyoto...lots of pics and shopping and plenty of sightseeing under my proverbial belt. I promise I'll put some photos up very soon. :)

On the slightly negative side, the visa officials at Kyoto and Taipei have decided that my very-legally-obtained 6-month visa is no longer valid, despite still having 2 months to go before it should expire! There seems to have been some misunderstanding regarding the 'Enter Before' date (which is 3 months after the issue date, in my case, February) and they say since it's after May, my visa is no longer valid. Despite the fact I first entered Taiwan BEFORE that date and have been using my MULTIPLE ENTRY visa since then. And despite the fact I got my usual 60 days upon returning from Europe, even though it was a day after said 'Enter Before' date. So it seems I now have to leave a month ahead of schedule as there was no way to explain the situation to the official at Chiang Kai-Shek Airport. Why someone is issued a 6-month visa and can only use it for 4 months is beyond me. Perhaps I should ask for my money back...

Either way, that's that. I have to leave before Sander finished his contract and will most likely head home for a few weeks while I wait for him. Needless to say, that means I have to speed up my plans for heading back as I now have 30 days and not 60 and will be writing a very detailed letter to the British Trade Office (or whatever they call the British Embassy here) when I return to Gibraltar, citing the visa laws as shown on the official site and attaching copies of my passport and visa stamps to illustrate my point.

I guess all my complaining about Taiwan has somehow angered the gods and they've given me an early ticket out of here. While I don't enjoy being here, I will NOT enjoy having to head home on my own or that I have wasted money on a visa that did not live up to its promises.

I'll keep you all posted as to what happens next. For now, it seems I'll be heading home in a few weeks so I better get started on sorting things out tomorrow....

Jul. 18th, 2006



Just a random criticism thought I had while taking a break from packing (we head to Japan tomorrow morning!!)...

According to a BBC article on staying cool during hot weather a person of normal weight - 58kg (128lb) - should drink 8 average-sized glasses of water. Now, I must say that has me intrigued as I'm pretty sure 58kg is FAR from being normal. I fall below said weight but then again I'm female and only 5'3". Given that I'm considered short in the UK, how then can the average Brit possibly weigh 58kg? Men certainly weigh more than that, unless they're skinny midgets. Not to mention taller women would certainly weigh more than that, unless they were skinny supermodels (in which case they'd be underweight for their height). Perhaps the BBC should rethink the way it conducts its 'scientific research'.

Anyway, folks, this will probably be my last LJ post until I get back from Japan next week. I'll let you all know how my vacation in the 'Land of the Rising Sun' went and hopefully have plenty of pics to show you all. :)

Until next week, bye bye! :)

Jul. 16th, 2006


Another Sunday...

Well, it's not been a particularly thrilling day thus far (Sander is still asleep!) but I've done a bit of work on my languages blog, Aspiring Polyglot. I'm still quite amazed that the blog sees over 100 hits a day at the moment. Not quite up there with all the big players yet but I'll get there. ;)

Also forgot to mention that we finally managed to see Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest on Friday night. Having only seen parts of the first movie, I was a little lost but it was still quite enjoyable. Johnny Depp was superb, definately the campest pirate on the seven seas! Orlando Bloom was his usual pretty-boy self, nothing out of the ordinary, while Keira Knightley continues to scare me with her skinniness and out-of-control eyebrows. I also need to learn the secret of why she does retarded things with her mouth...

So, yes, very good film although a little on the long side. I can't see kids sitting still for almost 3 hours, to be honest. Even the adult audience there on Friday couldn't keep still for that long and the couple sitting next to us left literally 5 minutes before the film finished. What's the point of that??? Not to mention they were always muttering and guy was constantly looking at his mobile. I can't begin to describe how annoying it is to see a lit-up screen flash into existence in the corner of your eye every 5 minutes. I honestly don't see why people bother going to the cinema and not bother paying attention to the movie. Why not just download it illegally and watch it at home where you WON'T be bothering the other paying customers, eh?

Time to go wake up 'Sleeping Beauty' as I need some lunch...


For the Love of Sushi....

Just a quick update as I don't really have all that much news. :P

Sander and I somehow managed to sleep in until 3:30pm today! Definately not intentional as I personally hate wasting the day in this way and I can't really understand how we slept so much as we didn't go to bed all that late. I guess the heat and the fact that it was really cloudy outside didn't help as it certainly didn't *look* like it was afternoon. Still, I'm a bit annoyed that most of our afternoon was over by the time we woke up. :(

We had supper at our local Sushi Express, as we do pretty much every Saturday. I decided to be a little more adventurous today and tried the octopus sushi (tako nigiri sushi) and these fish ones that may have been either sardines or mackerel...I never found out. I must say I'm getting very excited about trying some authentic Japanese sushi next week! :D

After supper, we stopped by the nearby Eslit bookstore. Sander bought some book on chemistry that was presented in the form of comic strips (I guess it makes such a dull subject all that more interesting) and I bought yet another book for my Japanese learning collection, Japanese Made Easy by Tuttle Publishing. The downside is that the Japanese is written in romaji but it's a very good book to learn spoken Japanese from. After all, I have plenty of other books for learning the written language and at the moment I don't want my Mandarin reading abilities to hinder my progress with Japanese. I'm happy enough to settle for knowing the spoken language at the moment as I don't really have a solid reason for reading the language.

So that's been my Saturday. Not sure what we'll be doing tomorrow but at least we have a fun-filled week to look forward to in Japan! I can't wait!! :D

PS - cygnus_e, I've replied to your e-mail and hope you're doing alright over in Israel.

Jul. 14th, 2006



Just a quick note before I forget...

I owe some people e-mails (eg. christinuviel and cygnus_e)so I will try and reply to those before I set off on my vacation next week. I haven't had time to reply to them yet so don't think I've been forgetting anyone on purpose. :)


I hate mornings....seriously.

The good news is that the typhoon was nothing but a HUGE anti-climax. After all that hype, we didn't even hear or see any storm (and we were up until 3am!). It's pouring down today but that's nothing out of the ordinary either. We had a lot more rain and wind a few weeks ago during that 'plum season'. Bad news for Sander, though, as he had to brave the wet outdoors and get to work. Hehe.... ^_^

So thanks for all the comments of concern. Everything's looking good at this end and I think we've been spared the floods! I think we're merely looking at a wet weekend as the worst is apparently already over.

Aside from being totally exhausted thanks to Sander waking me up earlier than normal, things certainly feel a lot better today. I feel a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders (re : that problem I mentioned yesterday) and I actually feel...cheerful. :)

OK, it's not *that* rare an occurence but I might as well celebrate that fact. I've been fairly moody lately so I'm revel in my cheerfulness for a bit. :p

In other 'news', the TomKat plot thickens and there's still no sign of baby Suri. If the tabloids are to be believed (those ever-reliable sources of useless information), even the child's grandparents haven't seen the kid. I don't know....I know that they probably don't want to whore out their child so early in life (yeah, right!) but aren't new parents usually very eager to show off their child? Who *hasn't* been subjected to this at some point in their life? I think it's just a natural feeling that parents have and I can't see anything wrong with it. After all, babies need constant human attention in order to develop their communication and interpersonal skills. I'm pretty sure that's an established fact so I can't understand what is going on in the lives of this very crazy couple. You'd think that after all that media attention regarding their 'love' and pregnancy that you'd see *something* for it.

Katie's been seen out and about lately and was quoted as saying the baby was fine and was back at the house. How many new mothers go off with friends and leave their baby behind? Sure, all new mothers need a break and there's nothing wrong with the father spending some time with his baby (I'm assuming Tom was looking after her in this instance) but how is it that not ONE photo of the child has surfaced? Not even one paparazzi shot of Katie holding a bundle. Heck, I've seen Gwen Stefani's baby at least a dozen times and she had the child a full month (I think) after Katie. I must say this whole mystery has got me captivated, even more so after I saw this photo comparison. She's the only woman I know whose tummy got smaller prior to giving birth. What is going on?? Seriously? o_0

Will the existence of Suri make a difference to my life? Is it really essential to my own existence that I see a resolution to this perplexing affair? Do I want to be considered as a superficial bitch who has nothing better to do with her time but read up on celebrities? No. But, damn, am I intrigued....

Just to show I'm not entirely superficial, I think the whole Israel/Lebanon thing is getting seriously out of hand. I understand that Israel is concerned over the wellbeing of their kidnapped soldiers but surely they have no right to launch such an attack on a sovereign state? Israel is taking it out on civilians and completely destroying Lebanon's chances of rebuilding itself after its long civil war. Why is the UN being so quiet about this??

EDIT - I'd just like to clarify I'm angry with the Israeli GOVERNMENT, not its people. And it's equally detestable that Hezbollah have started to launch missiles at Israel.

Jul. 13th, 2006

Meg Sad

Zero to Hero....

Seems the tropical storm/typhoon is heading our way after all and should be hitting us sometime tonight or tomorrow. I'm not really sure what to expect as I missed the typhoon season last year (I arrived in October) so fingers crossed that this storm won't be too bad. I'm getting Sander to get us some 'emergency rations' (water, instant noodles) in case we need them.

I'm feeling a little better today after a fairly rotten evening yesterday, the details of which I shall not be going into (personal reasons). But I'm fairly confident that the problem will be resolved. :)

Today's been a fairly lousy day as far as the weather goes so I've stayed home to be out of the rain. I watched Disney's Hercules in Spanish and am quite impressed at how good the translation was. The voices are very similar to the original English cast and the jokes somehow didn't get lost in translation. I must say that Hades is just one of the best Disney villains, regardless of what language he's blabbing in. ^_^

Anyway, I'm going to try and get productive as I feel I've done little with my day. Certainly doesn't help that I woke up at almost midday! Not very happy with that at all...

Jul. 12th, 2006


Attention : Jan

Attention : Jan

Check here next time you drop by. ^_^

The Happiest Place on Earth?

According to a recent survey, the island nation of Vanuatu is officially the world's happiest nation. 178 countries were examined as part of the survey and the results place the United Kingdom at miserable 108th place. Not all that surprising, I suppose. I wonder how happy Gibraltar is, or the Netherlands for that matter.

So perhaps a relocation to Vanuatu is in order. I just have to find out where the heck it is...**

** Only kidding. I'm full aware it's in the South Pacific. ;P

EDIT - I've just come across the full list. Apparently Taiwan is in 84th place and the Netherlands is at number 70. The happiest region on Earth seems to be Central America while a good number of poor nations occupy the top 20. Just to show that money does NOT buy happiness. ^_^

Jul. 11th, 2006



I'm in a superficial and bitchy mood at the moment so I'm going to say...

Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) looks downright plain-looking without all that make-up and hair styling, as seen here. Further proof that even the most famous and gorgeous can look as rough as the rest of us mere mortals. ;)

Hollywood really is full of magic! I would put Angelina Jolie to shame if I had access to all those cosmetic goods... ^_^

Meg Flower

1000 Characters

Thought I'd plug something other than my own for once so...

Anyone who's trying to learn or perfect their Chinese, you might want to check out characterguy's new community, 1000characters. Very handy little community to boost your knowledge of the 1000 most used Chinese characters and build up your vocabulary further. :)

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